Years and Years’ Olly Alexander calls for another series of It’s A Sin

Singer and actor Olly Alexander has said that he’d love to see another series of Channel 4’s It’s A Sin, but added that the show’s creator, Russell T Davies, might be a little too busy.

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Years and Years singer Olly Alexander has hinted he’d like to see a second series of It’s A Sin – despite his tragic death in the drama.

The singer and actor said he would like to see what happened to his co-stars in the hit Channel 4 mini series.

Speaking at the Capital Jingle Bell Ball with Barclaycard on Saturday, Olly, 31, told MailOnline: “I mean I would love to see a second series and see what happens to Gill, Ash and Roscoe.”

But he did point out that the show’s creator Russell T Davies might be a little too busy with his current commitments.

Olly Alexander said he would love to see another series of the hit Channel 4 show


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Olly pictured with Billie Piper at The Fashion Awards 2021 in November at the Royal Albert Hall


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Olly’s character Ritchie left viewers in floods of tears when he died following a short battle with the immunodeficiency virus.

“I would love that but I think Russell’s gonna be really busy with Doctor Who.”

The star’s hair was a slight copper colour on top and shaved either side, creating an edgy look.

Always one for colourful outfits, Olly wore a multicoloured leather jacket that he teamed with an oversized chain and black trousers.

Olly has denied that he is in the running to become the new Doctor Who


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Earlier in the year Olly was rumoured to be one of the potential new doctors who would be stepping in to take Jodie Whittaker’s place as the current time lord.

Despite drumming up the suspicion, he recently ruled himself out for taking the role as the 14th Doctor.

“Yeah maybe I would appear as a companion on Doctor Who,” he said.

“I’m definitely not going to be the Doctor but it’s going to be so amazing, Russell’s Doctor.”

“I mean, it was before, and it will be again, and it has been great. So I’m excited to watch the show because I’m a fan.”

Olly pictured with Elton John as they urge the government to fight to end all AIDS cases by 2030


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The singer says he thinks that the Doctor is quite queer, so it would make sense for Omari Douglas to step into the Tardis.

“I think it would bring something really great to the part and in the performance, I’d love to see that.”

The singer said that mermaids have been his inspiration for his new album, Night Call.

He explained: “For a lot of the album I took inspiration from mermaids and how I got into the idea of a siren who sings to her lovers and leads them to a watery death.”

Olly’s character Ritchie battled AIDS during the 1980s as the crisis spread across the UK

“My favourite track on Night Call is probably Crave which is already out. I love it because it makes me feel like I’m on a spooky fairground ride which I like. It’s a feeling I really like. It’s quite sexy and spooky and really fun.”

Olly recently teamed up with Elton John and backed the HIV Commissions campaign for the government to fight and end all new cases of HIV in England by 2030.

Olly and the rest of the cast of It’s a Sin, which follows the lives of gay men in 1981 who grew up as the AIDS crisis unravelled in England, are calling on more testing for the virus.

The Health Secretary’s HIV Action Plan is set to be announced at the end of the year.

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