‘This Is Us’ Recap: All Your Questions Answered About That Heartbreaking Kate and Toby Episode

Meanwhile, we have yet to see Kate in the deep future at Rebecca’s bedside. Or Phillip. We’ve just seen Toby. 

Chrissy Metz: Right. You probably won’t get those answers until almost the end of this season.

Let’s talk about Johnny Kincaid, who plays your son, Jack Jr. He’s visually impaired in real life and such a phenomenal young actor. 

Chrissy Metz: He is so special. 

Susan Kelechi Watson (“Beth”): I stan Johnny. He’s going to win an Emmy, that little boy. He’s so good. He’s the loveliest little boy. You ask him something and he answers like, “Yep.” He stings my heart every time. He’s genuinely so great in that role.

Mandy Moore (“Rebecca”): He is the most gregarious, cutest kid you’ve ever met. His mom is there, and his grandpa’s on set with him a lot of times. He is so inquisitive and curious. I think he works on the lines with his mom at home, but then the kids all have an on-set acting coach who is there to help them in the moment. He doesn’t really need a lot of help. He’s really right on it.

Did you improv any of your scenes together?

Mandy Moore: A little bit. When you’re working with a three-year-old, obviously you have to go with the flow. Chris and Chrissy obviously have spent way more time with him than I get to, but he’s a love bug. Our casting team has always been so spot on for the show. Always.

NBC/Ron Batzdorff

Meanwhile, Mandy, where do you stand in the Kate/Toby storyline? Could anything have been done to save this marriage?

Mandy Moore: I think it’s what unfolded naturally. What’s sad about this situation is that no one’s really to blame, and I’m sure people will see it differently according to their own lives and choices they’ve made and whatever baggage they’re bringing to it. From a macro point of view, especially with the episode I got to direct [last week], you don’t come away from that fight scene going, “Oh, Kate is in the wrong.” Or, “Toby’s in the wrong.” It’s like, “I can see both perspectives on both sides.” What’s saddest of all is this relationship is just two people who have grown apart who want different things, and they needed each other at a certain point and they needed each other at that moment in time. Nw they’ve grown and evolved and are going off to be the people they were meant to be, hopefully with the people they’re meant to be with.

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