‘The game is up for Boris Johnson after Christian Wakeford defected to Labour’ – Voice of the Mirror

David Davis showed the contempt with which Boris Johnson is now held by comparing him to Neville Chamberlain as he called for his resignation, telling him: ‘In the name of God, go’

Boris Johnson speaking during Prime Minister's Questions
Boris Johnson speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions

It cannot have been easy for Christian Wakeford to defect from the Tories to Labour in the Commons today.

He made the move because he could no longer defend Boris Johnson’s conduct.

The Bury South MP’s decision to cross the floor is also a vote of confidence in Keir Starmer and further evidence of how he is turning his party’s fortunes around.

The balance of public opinion that once tilted towards the Conservatives is now leaning heavily towards Labour.

Voters can see Mr Johnson is a discredited premier without the authority to lead.

David Davis showed the contempt with which the Prime Minister is now held by comparing him to Neville Chamberlain as he called for his resignation.

The Conservatives are riven by division and infighting. Instead of tackling issues such as the cost of living crisis, they are spending their time plotting and scheming.

The Tories may decide that a change of leader will restore their fortunes but what the country needs is a change of government.

Christian Wakeford sitting on the opposition benches



Rule the waves

There are signs the Omicron wave is easing in some parts of the country.

While there are reasons to be optimistic, infection levels remain above last winter’s and hundreds are still dying each day from Covid.

A responsible government would have thought carefully before reducing restrictions.

But Boris Johnson has decided to rush ahead with a blanket lifting of Plan B rules, possibly putting vulnerable people at risk.

It would be a scandal if the move was driven not by science but the PM’s desperation to win round Tory MPs as he fights for his survival.

The health of the public should come before the health of the Conservatives.

A real treasure

The Duchess of Cambridge happily sported a pair of £7 earrings yesterday.

She showed you don’t need to have the Crown Jewels to be the jewel in the crown.

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