The Best New Books of 2022 Have Something for Everyone

It’s the dead of winter, and you need a great book. You also need a nap and a seaside cottage vacation, but let’s start easy.

The best new books of 2022 have begun to arrive in the form of dazzling hardcovers and highly-listenable audiobooks. These are the books that will have library hold lists blowing up like the waitlist for a Birkin bag. These are the first titles of the year to already have book club members saying in increasingly strained voices, “I have to disagree with you on that.” (If you’re in my book club and you’re reading this: I don’t mean us! We have achieved the perfect spirit of respectful debate!) You will see your favorite influencers posing at the side of pools with these books casually slung over a chaise, and you will wonder if they have even read a chapter, and then you will wonder if by wondering you are engaging in casual misogyny. Far, far easier to just read the books yourself.

 Follow along for the first really excellent new books of 2022. 

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