The 13 Best Uoma Beauty Products to Try in 2022

Uoma Beauty has been making waves since the brand dropped in 2018. Founded by beauty-industry vet Sharon Chuter, the brand was created to celebrate truly diverse beauty, and cater to women who had been largely been ignored by the industry at large. The brand’s first launch included its signature Say What?! Foundation, which is not only available in a huge range of 51 shades, divided into six “skin kin” categories, with different formulas based on the specific skin needs of each shade range. The brand has since launched super-pigmented lipsticks made to pop on all skin tones, and a mascara made to lengthen even the shortest lashes—which, per the brand are more common in WOC than they are white women. 

Chuter has put her money where her mouth is time and time again, showing that she means serious business when it comes to changing the industry for the better.  In the summer of 2020 she launched Pull Up for Change, asking beauty brands to reveal the actual percentage of Black employees on their payrolls, particularly at the leadership level. She’s also spearheaded the Make It Black campaign, which raises money for up-and-coming Black founders through limited edition products, and aims to change the dictionary definition of the word black in the dictionary to one with no negative connotations. 

It’s not all heavy though, and Uoma is as much about celebrating Black beauty (or any beauty, really) as it is about making industry-shaking changes. That’s why the line is packed with bright color, reflective shimmer, cheeky names, and incredibly high-coverage formulas that everyone can enjoy. This universal appeal is why we’re often asked if the brand is worth it, and the answer is firmly “Hell yes.” Wondering where to start? We had Glamour staffers put the line to the test. Read on for the best Uoma Beauty products. 

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