‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2: Here’s Everything We Know

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What will happen with Chef Erik, Helen, and Ryan? 

While Ryan seems to be out of the picture—for now—will Chef Erik make a move on Helen? Or will he continue to be just a friend? “I think the evolution of their friendship will fascinate and, I hope, delight people,” Anderson says. But Garcia Swisher isn’t hiding her thoughts on what she wants to see happen: “I want Erik and Helen to get it on!” 

Will something—or someone—cause a rift between the three Magnolias? 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if something shakes the friendship a little bit, because something always does,” Headley tells Glamour. “A man? Money? I want to know what shakes their foundation a little bit, because how they come back together will be a beautiful thing.” As for what Headley wants to see for Helen’s romantic life, she’s not entirely sold on Chef Erik just yet. “For me, personally, Helen has to go through her learning process of what love is. Is love what’s comfortable? Or is love opening up to someone new? Erik has issues with his own PTSD, and he has some secrets that nobody has gone into just yet. And when are they going to make themselves known? I don’t know if a pot pie will forgive a lot of that, but we’ll see. She is in her 40s and doesn’t want to jump into nonsense. She’s strong, beautiful, and successful. Where’s her equivalent?” 

And just for good measure, Headley has one more thing on her wish list for season two: “I want to have a fight with Mary Vaughn. A throw-down in the streets.”

Who are Isaac’s parents? 

If you ask Isaac, he seems to think Dana Sue is his mom. Not so fast, Anderson says. “Isaac has some digging to do to figure that out, so we’ll have to see how long it takes to put the pieces together.” Anderson is impressed by the many fan theories out there, but says all is not what it seems. “Some of the theories, I think, Oh, okay, I see that, and some of the theories, I’m like, What?! That never occurred to me…oh, well wouldn’t that have been interesting. And some of the theories I’m like, Oh, I see what you wanted there, and in advance, I’m sorry. It’s been delightful to read.”

Will we learn more about Dana Sue’s past?

While Brooke Elliott wants to see Dana Sue explore relationships with the many men of Serenity, she’s most concerned about the relationship she has with her angsty teen daughter, Annie. “That relationship is a bit stressed right now,” she says. “There’s a lot of learning that Dana Sue has to do around her daughter. Dana Sue was someone who was super wild as a teen and then became super strict as a parent. There’s so much to explore there, and so much to learn.”

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