Report correct that riots must be blamed on govt – EFF – POLITICS

Fighters say it has several weaknesses which undermine credibility of its conclusions with regards to intelligence services

EFF statement on the Ramaphosa appointed Expert Panel report into July civil unrest

8 February 2022

The EFF notes the report of the Expert Panel into July 2021 Civil Unrest published by the presidency yesterday. The report has reached the correct conclusion that the riots must be squarely blamed at the incompetence of Ramaphosa’s government and its security institutions. Whilst noting the worsening socioeconomic conditions of our people as a fertile ground for the mobilisation that took place following the arrest of Jacob Zuma. The report insists that the “executive… must take responsibility for its lapse of leadership.’

Overall, the report has given substance to observations the EFF had already drawn regarding the riots. Firstly, is that the ANC has become a menace to South African society and the key source of the July riots. In the words of the report, “factional battles in the African National Congress have become a serious source of instability in the country.” The report also states that these “internal contradictions within the ANC are (also) impacting negatively on government. matters”. Meaning, the ANC has become incapable of governing South Africa.

Secondly, the EFF made the observation that South Africa’s intelligence services were not only caught by surprise at the nature of the riots, they were also largely dysfunctional. The report indicates the correct fact that the “National Security Council had not been sitting regularly before July 2021, despite the warnings given by NICOC that 2021 was going to be a particularly volatile year.” In fact, states the report, “The form of violence seems to have taken the security services completely by surprise.’

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