Reader letter: Vaccine mandates are just another rule that benefits us all

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I believe getting everyone fully vaccinated is the only way we can get thru this COVID-19 nightmare.

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That said, for two years truckers have been able to cross the border unvaccinated to keep us supplied. They are now being told they must be vaccinated to continue to do so.

Since most of them are vaccinated and the same rule applies on the U.S. side, I don’t understand the reasoning behind any of these protests except that it boils down to the small percentage of citizens who hate to be told what they can or cannot do.

These same truck drivers — and thousands who are supporting them — do accept the fact they are told they must wear seat belts, possess a driver’s licence to operate a vehicle and possess identification to cross the border.

They also must follow the requirement of having their children vaccinated for several diseases in order for them to attend school.

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There are many such laws and rules that have been forced upon citizens — for the benefit of all.

We all want to see this pandemic in our rear view mirrors, but these truck protests will not accomplish that. I feel it is just an example of frustration most of us are feeling.

I do also want to thank all essential workers that continue to help get us through this — truck drivers, hospital workers, health care providers, grocery workers and anyone else forced to continue working during this pandemic.

Lorna Barrow, Windsor

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