Reader letter: Keep Adie Knox pool open

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I am disappointed with the way the city has addressed the Adie Knox pool situation.

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The handling of this I feel has been short-sighted and with complete disregard for the residents of the west end and other parts of the city, like myself who lives in South Windsor.

I am a senior who has enjoyed the facilities at Adie Knox for aquafit, lane swimming, water walking, therapy pool and general camaraderie that is available there and not anywhere else in Windsor.

The WFCU Centre’s pool is much smaller and can accommodate less people. It is also not user friendly. At WFCU, you are only allowed into the pool when a class begins and must exit as soon as a class ends.

Adie Knox had a much friendlier atmosphere. You could stay in the water, visit with friends, do more exercise on your own or go to the therapy pool.

And who in their right mind thinks seniors are going to fit in at the university?

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Adie Knox I feel is the best and nicest pool in the city of Windsor.

Take the dollars you are planning to bestow on the university (for something that is not going to work) and do the repairs that are needed at Adie Knox.

This makes far more sense to me than the ill-conceived and uncaring alternatives.

Please, for the people in the west end and all of Windsor do the right thing.

Do not close Adie Knox pool.

Karen Simon, Windsor

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