Reader letter: Ducharme should not be adding fuel to vaccine debate

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Re: Patrick Ducharme issues ‘call to arms’ against vaccine mandates in preface of new book, by Trevor Wilhelm, Dec. 18

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I have long respected Mr Ducharme’s ability in a courtroom, but am less impressed with his view on vaccinations.

I am no chemist, but a simple Google search gave me the ingredients for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations. You can then continue to get definitions of the contents.

Did Mr Ducharme not use his research abilities for this?

If people would not listen to conspiracy theories or people adamant about their rights, but not rights of others, then governments and various entities would not have to mandate getting a vaccination.

The science in this case shows vaccines do help control COVID-19. With scientists around the world working on this problem, I feel it is unlikely someone lying about results would get away it.

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If science is not lying, then perhaps the oligarchy Mr. Ducharme has written about is the oligarchy of certain people who care more about their own personal rights than about the rest of us — ordinary folk who recognize we are part of a larger picture.

I agree with people who might refuse the vaccine because they have a right to control their own body, but with each right comes a corresponding responsibility.

And when one person’s right overlaps another person’s there must be a compromise.

Aiming for the greater good of all is called working for the common good. Sometimes we have to infringe a bit on the individual’s rights in order to facilitate the common good for society as a whole. One person or one idea cannot override society as a whole.

Mr. Ducharme I feel did not help the situation since many who respect his opinion will use his words to support the anti-vaccination stance.

Darlene Daudlin, Tilbury

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