Reader letter: ATV users ruining protected properties

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It seems some ATV users have little regard for private property.

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I have seen ongoing destruction of habitat near me at Rowsom Woods which is a conservation area. I have spent some time removing their trash from this area.

They also seem to travel elsewhere in the Comber area. The Ruscom River seems to be a fond place for them despite the land clearly posted as no trespassing.

They have also been on the abandoned railway line near here. I often clean up their mess under the railway bridge at big creek.

Other conservation areas have been affected, including Hillman Marsh and Andrew Murray O’Neil Woods.

Some of these areas are set aside for future generations to enjoy. The wanton destruction must end.

We are each stewards of the land, air and water. We must all work to protect them — including me.

David Braukis, Comber

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