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MPs say citizens were expecting leadership from the president regarding Eskom but got a whole lot of nothing

Cutting a trip short without a plan is a gimmick, President Ramaphosa

22 September 2022

Please find attached a soundbite by Ghaleb Cachalia MP.

The statement released by the Ministry in the Presidency yesterday on Cabinet’s discussion on Energy is a whole lot of nothing.

South Africans were expecting leadership from Ramaphosa’s hasty return to the country and this is what they get – a string of platitudes and not a single deliverable.

It is unacceptable that four days after stage 6 loadshedding was announced on Sunday, the President has not said a single word on this crisis that is costing the country billions every day. Cutting a trip short is not a sign of leadership. Yes, Ramaphosa needed to return to the country, but not with a vague admission of the crisis and no plans.

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