Pattern Wide-Tooth Comb Review 2022

I didn’t always love my curls, but learning how to style them with the right products for my hair type led me to finally be grateful for my spirals. As far as combing them goes? Well, that’s an entirely different story. I rarely look forward to detangling my 3C curls (trust, it’s a workout), which I normally only do after wash day. I’ve gone through more combs than I care to count in the process—and had all but given up on finding the perfect one, until I stumbled upon the Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Wide-Tooth Comb at a nearby Sephora. It was the last one available and I snatched it up immediately.

Wide-tooth combs are essential for people with kinks and curls to help detangle hair without excessive pulling or tugging—and prevent breakage in the long run. While most of the combs I’ve owned got the job done, they rarely impressed. In fact, my biggest gripe with many of the ones in my arsenal is that the teeth are never as wide or strong as they claim to be. The Pattern Wide-Tooth Comb, however, has big, thick teeth—and the comb itself is a lot larger in size (it’s about eight or nine inches) than the ones I’ve picked up on Amazon or at my local Target. Despite its bigger size, it doesn’t take up any space—not on my vanity or in my makeup bag, whenever I’m traveling.

Andrea Navarro

I have 3C curls that are naturally on the dryer side. Curly hair types, in general, aren’t easy to detangle but throw some serious dryness into the mix and you’re in for an arm workout that’ll make you want to skip your boxing class that day. In an effort to make my life easier,  I always plan to detangle my hair when it’s wet after shampooing—and with a nourishing hair mask on so that it’s not only smoother to the touch, but so I can also give the product ample time to work into my curls.  

The first time using the Pattern Wide-Tooth Comb, I went through my usual process: shampoo hair, apply mask, divide wet curls into four sections, and then start combing through from root to tip. I set aside 30 to 40 minutes to detangle my medium-length hair, but I ended up being done in 15 minutes. (Read that again.) 

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