Mum ‘screamed and felt sick’ as one-year-old boy strangled to death by blind cords

Natasha Ogden, from Oldham, Greater Manchester has told how her son Kane died after being entangled in cords for a blind and that all she could do was scream and her life has been “torn apart”

Kane died after becoming entangled in blind cords
Kane Davidson died after becoming entangled in blind cords

The mum of a one-year-old who died after getting caught in blind cords has said she feels numb and has been “torn apart” by the tragedy.

Natasha Ogden, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, told how she left her son Kane Davidson playing at home with his brother for a brief moment to go to the bathroom, which was all it took for him to get entangled in the cord on January 28.

When she returned after just a few seconds she said Kane had disappeared, reported the Manchester Evening News.

Natasha walked around her home before spotting his reflection in her bedroom window and she thought her “cheeky” son was playing hide and seek.

But to her despair, Kane was entangled in a blind cord.

To help cover funeral costs and support the family through this difficult time, donate by visiting their GoFundMe fundaising page here

Natasha said that her life has been ‘torn apart’ by the tragedy


Natasha Ogden)

Natasha’s harrowing screams were heard by a neighbour who helped perform CPR while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

But by the time little Kane was transferred to Manchester Children’s Hospital, it was already too late as he had suffered brain trauma and was put into a coma.

There was nothing more doctors could do and so Natasha and Kane’s father, Callum Davidson, made the agonising decision to switch off his life-support machine on February 1.

Natasha, who turned 23 the day after the tragedy, has vowed to never celebrate her birthday again.

“I don’t remember anything,” she told the Manchester Evening News.

She said that Kane had been playing with his brother Callum


Natasha Ogden)

Kane, pictured with his dad Callum, had only been left alone for a few seconds


Natasha Ogden)

“I was just numb. I still am. I just screamed; I felt sick. It’s torn me apart.

“The doctors said they would take him off all the sedation and see what he could do on his own.

“But he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t open his eyes or move. The MRI showed he was nearly brain dead. He didn’t have a chance.”

Kane had been playing with his autistic and non-verbal brother Callum before the accident.

Although Callum can’t talk about his feelings, the three-year-old keeps looking at pictures of his little brother.

“Life isn’t the same. It’s just empty,” she continued.

“He would have been two in March.

“I’ve had to be strong for my other little boy. I can’t ask him how he’s feeling, he just keeps looking at pictures of Kane and he doesn’t usually look at anything.

“I nipped to the toilet and I said to Kane’s dad when I came out, ‘Where’s Kane?’

“He said he was playing with Callum and I went to look but I couldn’t find him.

“He was cheeky and you could always hear him; he was very loud.

“I saw his reflection in the window in the front bedroom. I thought he was playing hide and seek but I moved the curtain and he wasn’t.”

Natasha said that Kane had been a “happy little boy”


Natasha Ogden)

Natasha, who is currently living with her mother, says she will never return to the rented property where the tragedy took place.

The mum-of-two thinks Kane may have climbed onto the windowsill while “messing about” and slipped.

“He was such a happy little boy,” she continued.

“He loved cars – ‘red car blue car’ were his favourite words. He loved Batman. He slept great and ate loads of fruit and veg. He would have gone to nursery after his 2nd birthday.”

Natasha wanted to highlight the hidden dangers in houses for parents saying that there was no fitting on the wall to tie back the cords of the blind.

“I just want to make sure the blinds are safe and there is a fitting on the wall with the blinds,” she said.

“I didn’t think it was a danger. I’m only 23 and I didn’t think like that.”

Kane’s funeral is set to take place on Friday, February 18.

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up to help cover funeral costs and support the family through this difficult time.

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