Model Elsa Hosk Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

Swedish model Elsa Hosk wants to be upfront. Yes, skin-care products are amazing, and yes, treatments at the dermatologist can be great, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about how you’re living your life and what goes into your body.

“Everybody has their own skin-care journey,” Hosk says over the phone from Los Angeles. “I’ve always struggled with cystic acne. It’s your hormones at the end of the day [dictating how your skin looks]. And it’s why I try to focus on treating it from the inside, with the foods I eat and how I manage stress, more than anything else. But I’m still struggling with it.”

That honesty is more than refreshing when she calls me up to talk about her two very in-demand Beaubble x Elsa launches—gorgeous, spring-time, peel-off water-based nail colors, and the whipped Cushion Blush and Lip Contour Wand. (If you’ve managed to grab the collection, well done). 

“They’re perfect for my routine because it is that quick everyday pleasures kind of vibe. You put it on and it doesn’t look like, ‘Wow, she really made a look.’ The blush and lip wand are more about enhancing what you already have with a flush of color versus like, ‘Wow, she’s wearing blush.’

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel became a mom to daughter, Tuulikki, a little over a year ago, and is still adjusting to all the changes, both in her skin-care routine and the lack of time she has to devote to it. “It’s so different than it was before, ” she says. “I’m so much more of a minimalist now because I don’t have time to do a 10-step skin-care routine. It just has to be what works, what’s fast, what’s efficient, what looks good, and what’s actually good for me, my baby and the planet.”

And yes, “it’s genetics,” she admits. “You can of course make your skin look better with different creams and devices, but a lot of it [is what you were born with].” She also advises not slathering on your creams and then going to bed, but really working your products into your skin with your fingers and hands. And yet still, “I don’t always do that,” she says with a laugh. “Sometimes I just need to get out the door or go to bed.”

It’s a philosophy that’s also in line with Hosk’s upbringing in Sweden. “Swedish people’s outlook on skin-care and beauty is really something that I admire because it really is about less is more, and very natural. In the summers we do the sauna and the cold plunge. I love that. It’s all about living in nature and that is just the best for the body and the skin.”

So just what does Hosk use for her sensitive, acne-prone skin? For Glamour‘s latest Drop the Routine, she runs us through her must-have products that get the job done and make her feel good in the process.

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