Mashaba & Co.’s love for the EFF surpasses all comprehension – OPINION

Cilliers Brink says you only have to look at the JSC to see what happens when you ‘bring in’ the Fighters

In the same week that Julius Malema delivered an indirect and blood-curdling endorsement of racial genocide in the witness box of the Equality Court, the DA’s arm was being twisted to cooperate with Malema’s EFF in building a post-ANC future.

Such cooperation would be in the country’s best interest, wrote the columnist Jan-Jan Joubert in an article on Netwerk24 (Probeer met die EFF saamwerk, 16 February 2022). His advice echoes the demand by Herman Mashaba and ActionSA for the EFF to be included in the coalitions that now govern Gauteng’s metros. ActionSA is an important partner in these coalitions, and despite being rebuffed in the coalition negotiations, they’ve never stopped doing the EFF’s bidding.    

Their case is essentially that the ANC is all that’s wrong with South Africa, and so the party must be kept out of power at all costs, even if it means bringing the EFF into coalitions under the DA’s leadership. For Mashaba and Joubert this is not just about the political ends justifying the means. Both have a romantic view of the EFF that surpasses all comprehension. 

But what happens when you ‘bring in’ the EFF? Let’s start with the one institution currently dominated by that party, not in numbers, but certainly in rhetoric and ideology – the Judicial Services Commission (JSC). The JSC makes recommendations to the president about the appointment and removal of judges. 

The commission was meant to remove from the executive’s direct control decisions about judicial selection, so as to prevent court packing. But this purpose has been defeated by a serious flaw in the JSC’s design: most of the commission’s members are government appointees and politicians.

Malema himself represents the EFF on the JSC, but his party enjoys an extraordinary advantage over other minority parties in that it has an additional member. While Dali Mpofu is there on the ticket of the General Council of the Bar, in reality he works with Malema to serve the EFF’s cause. 

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