Man Utd fans recall touching letters from Sir Alex Ferguson

“Sir Alex, I can’t bring into words how much you’ve touched my heart. My grandad, Noel Powell, was a United fan all his life. On his 70th birthday, you personally wrote to him. We all took pictures of him holding the letter which he framed. It meant everything to him, that little piece of paper. That letter meant everything to him, and it means everything to me. When my son, Isaac Noel Powell, turns 18 (he is 3 now), he will receive that framed letter. I’m raising him to be a United fan just like my grandad did me. He has autism and it can be a struggle but the one thing we do bond over is United and singing the chants together. It brings so much happiness into his eyes. They light up, just like my grandad’s did when you gave him that letter. Taking five minutes out of your day brought my grandad and me so much happiness and will bring my son so much happiness too. This is why we love you. This is why we are United. I just want to take the time to thank you for what you did many years ago, as it’s still living on to this day. Happy birthday, legend.”
Aisling Powell, United Kingdom

“When I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease at the age of 9, you kindly wrote a letter to me and encouraged me to have listen to all of the advice from the doctors whilst saying everyone at the club wished me the best. 23 years on I never lost faith and this year I was accepted into medical school with a same day call-back at the ripe age of 31 years old. You helped me gain the courage and resilience to never give in. Thank you.”
Kieran Chumun, United Kingdom

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