‘Making big squeeze even worse shows Tories are not on side of hardworking or OAPs’ – Voice of the Mirror

The Conservatives are demonstrating with crystal clarity they are not on the side of Britain’s hard-working families and OAPs, says the Voice of the Mirror

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The big squeeze was already set to hammer household finances in 2022

The big squeeze was already set to hammer household finances in 2022 but now this contemptible Tory Government is making the situation even worse.

By putting up taxes, particularly National Insurance, and refusing to suspend VAT on energy bills, the Conservatives demonstrate with crystal clarity that they are not on the side of hard-working families and pensioners.

As Money Saving Expert guru Martin Lewis points out, there is another way.

The Conservatives are simply guilty of making bad, wrong choices.

Slashing the spending power of households is doubly cruel after all that families are going through because of the Covid pandemic.

Our economy is considerably weaker than the partying Prime Minister pretends.

Reduced living standards will be one of many legacies of Conservative mismanagement their successors will have to deal with.

Big dog’s done

Boris Johnson



If attempting to misuse the Royal Navy and dismantle the BBC are first glimpses of “Operation Save Big Dog” then the sooner Boris Johnson is put out of his misery, the better for Britain.

The Prime Minister’s clumsy attempts to shift public attention from his law-breaking parties only emphasise what an untrustworthy, incompetent lightweight he is.

Warships are for war, not for turning back desperate migrants in the Channel.

And punishing the BBC for reporting his No10 boozy bashes is the revenge of a thin-skinned tyrant. Johnson demeans the great office of state to which he now clings.

Princely deed

Prince Charles with youngest son Prince Harry


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Family rifts are painful in private – and excruciating in public.

So decent people everywhere will wish the Prince of Wales well in his quest to improve the painfully strained relations with his son.

If anyone has a chance of building bridges with Prince Harry, it’s his father.

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