Glitz and glam or the truth?

Shooting reality shows means laying bare the truth about your life, though some reality stars do not believe everything about them needs to be in the public eye.

Real Housewives of Durban reality star Londie London told Sunday World that the world of reality TV had too many holes to be considered totally truthful, and she realised this when she met her fellow reality stars.

The Run Away hit-maker said the show was focused on the glitz and glam of their lives and how well they connect as housewives, which she feels is the reason some parts of their lives are not put on screens. She said 24/7 life is too complicated for it all to be put into a show.

“I am being myself on camera but there are things that affect our daily lives, things that would make me wonder why some people are not being equally truthful about their lives on a reality show. Some are just doing it for the camera and their own

“It was challenging being with the ladies because I am a softie and a fighter, so I sometimes don’t know how to behave, especially when I realise that what they do is to feed their content.

“What people say on social media affects us a lot, especially because these comments come as we are shooting, so some people feel they should put on an act to justify their behaviour,” said the musician.

Khanyi Mbau has been bashed on social media for her life choices, and she finally found a way to tell her truth on Mbau Reloaded.

She was accused of chasing older men with deep pockets and being untrue to herself for bleaching her skin.

However, she turned the tables by motivating people to rather be who they want to be without judgment, and she is now a reality star on Young, Famous & African.

“My story is the truth, so it’s an easy one to tell and anything called private is a fear. I had to show people my true identity, tell them that I am proudly African.

“Reality is not just entertainment but a platform of one’s true self,” she said.

Businesswoman turned reality star Shauwn Mkhize said she did not see the need to tell a fake story of who she is because her show is meant to finally answer questions people always had about her, and served as a reminder to never forget her roots.

“In the beginning it is not easy to be followed by the cameras because your private life is invaded by cameras and the crew but eventually you get used to them and continue living your life.

“The cameras were with me 24/7. My life is busy and I’m constantly on the go. If they are not recording then they’ll miss all the action.”

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