Gauteng buckling under corruption – Solly Msimanga

Solly Msimanga |

17 February 2022

DA PL says residents continue to endure poor service delivery and unemployment in province

#RealGautengSOPA: Gauteng province buckling under corruption while residents endure poor service delivery and unemployment

17 February 2022

My Fellow Democrats

Members of the Gauteng Provincial Caucus

The way our country has been operating has changed drastically over the last two years.

Never did we think that we would be living through a pandemic in our lifetime.


The Covid-19 pandemic came in silently like a thief in the night and disrupted our daily lives, forcing many of us to change how we go about doing our jobs and how our children are receiving a proper education.

Suddenly our economy was plunged into disarray, a state of disaster was declared and unexpectedly embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution was the order of the day.

However, while some of us were fortunate enough to keep our jobs, many of the residents of our province suddenly found themselves either being forced to take annual leave, or without an income as the principle of ‘no work no pay’ was enforced where employers were unable to maintain their current wage bill without providing any goods and services.

The government was the only hope to ensure that our people are protected from the pandemic through providing funds to procure life-saving resources such as Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) and relief grants. Little did we know that the same government we trusted with our livelihoods, was the same government who in fact took advantage of our plight to steal the money and resources meant to help the residents of Gauteng through the pandemic.