EFF wishes Malema a revolutionary happy birthday

Sinawo Thambo |

04 March 2022

Fighters say their CIC remains a thorn in side of corrupt political elite

EFF wishes Cic Julius Sello Malema a revolutionary happy birthday

3 March 2022

On the 3rd of March 1981, in the midst of heightened tension in South Africa and the greatest instability waged against the Apartheid Regime, a leader of the next phase of our struggle against colonial conquest was born.

At the tender age of 9-years old, when this country was on the edge of transitioning to democracy, the Commander in Chief formed part of the critical stages of the struggle for liberation. He would go on to lead the youth in agitating for a democracy that is characterised by a return of the wealth of this country to the hands of African people

He has been a consistent force in the body politic of South Africa, leading the charge in the call for Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime.

The Commander in Chief has shaken the corridors of power, to a point where the ruling capitalists of South Africa have come out and openly involved themselves in the political arena, because of his influence.


He was in his twenties, when the leader of the Stellenbosch Mafia called his collective which was waging a war for the return of our economy, an irritation that needs to be attended to with Doom..

He remains the only person to lead a monumental march from Johannesburg to Pretoria, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Chamber of Mines and Union Buildings, demanding economic freedom with thousands of youth.

Today, exactly 10-years after the white-monopoly capital and the ruling party attempted to destroy him for demanding the expropriation of land without compensation, and the nationalisation of mines banks and strategic sectors of our economy, CIC Julius Malema leads the third largest political party in the country.

He remains a thorn in the side of the corrupt political elite, and the handlers who seek to turn South Africa into a colony of private interests.