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Govt giving away public strategic assets to comrades in the ruling party, say Fighters


Thursday, 24 February 2022

The EFF notes and condemns the move to finalise partial privatisation of South African Airways. The government is selling a 51% stake in SAA to Takatso Consortium, a group owned and controlled by a firm chaired by former Deputy Minister of Finance Jabu Moleketi. The partial privatisation of SAA by giving away public strategic assets to comrades in the ruling party and their handlers is a deliberate and well-orchestrated manoeuvre to strip the state of its strategic assets.

The EFF is vindicated, as we have previously warned that Cyril Ramaphosa and Jamnadas Gordhan are deliberately collapsing strategic state-owned enterprises to sell them to their friends and families at a fraction of their worth. Like Eskom, Denel and Transnet, SAA are central to South Africa’s industrialisation and were never meant to operate with a narrow objective of profiteering. On the contrary, state-owned enterprises are meant to be enablers and drivers of development, with a clear development mandate to benefit society.

Ramaphosa and Gordhan’s parasitic leadership is driven by greed and uses a narrative that state-owned enterprises have collapsed beyond a point of rescue. The ruling party collective has deliberately failed to service debts, mismanage human resources at SAA, and allowed corruption to thrive unabated.

SAA failed long before the COVID-19 pandemic halted the economy to its knees and was accelerated by Gordhan, who ignored the 2016 model to rescue state-owned entities. Instead, the so-called crusader of corruption is at the centre of mismanagement of state-owned entities, appointments of matriculants who lack experience, capacity and sophistication to manage complex entities, and non-payment of salaries and job cuts.

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