ANCYL Gauteng condemns DIRCO’s statement on Ukraine

Stanley “AK47” Letsoalo – Ntsako Mogobe |

24 February 2022

Old guard in SA is now plunged headfirst into a political situation which is the doing of the West

Statement of the African National Congress Youth League in Gauteng on DIRCO utterances on Russia-Ukraine tensions

24 February 2022

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in Gauteng is baffled by the sudden utterances of pensioners who have all but abandoned their responsibility of governing the Republic of South Africa. This is in light of a series of statements attributed to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) regarding the ongoing Russia-Ukraine tensions and the apparent “intervention” of South Africa.

Minister Naledi Pandor, the chief-pensioner in pursuit of appeasing the West and Africa’s former coloniser has been bending over backwards to reiterate western propaganda and paint a pro-USA narrative through statements issued by DIRCO.

Instead of dealing with the mammoth task of dismantling apartheid systems and transforming our country for the benefit of the African majority, the old guard in South Africa is now plunged headfirst into a political situation which is the doing of the West.

Instead of our government confronting the massive unemployment crisis facing the young people of this country, the government is engaged in a bizarre and fruitless PR exercise to carry favour and with no doubt additional loans and donations from the west, a shadow of their former revolutionary character which was imparted to them by the mighty African National Congress.


These demented pensioners have clearly run out of ideas, they are failing to grapple and deal decisively with the triple oppression faced by the masses of our people, in the contrary, they opt to write irrelevant statements about everything but the plight of South Africans.

When King Mswati slaughtered innocent people right at our doorstep the myriad of statements were nowhere to be found.

DIRCO suddenly has a hunger to intervene in Kyiv whilst only weeks ago it hosted the Apartheid state of Israel, which has for more than half a century been committing acts of genocide against the indigenous Palestinian population in the occupied Palestine.

The posturing on the part of the elders in government was nowhere to be seen when the USA proudly killed Gaddafi in Libya, when the children of Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan cried to the world as the USA slaughtered them.