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ActionSA to Launch Review of Parliament’s Acquittal of Malema

5 April 2022

ActionSA’s legal teams have met and concluded that the Party will pursue a high court review of the decision of the National Assembly’s Joint Committee on Ethics and Members Interests to exonerate Julius Malema for his remarks encouraging illegal immigration.

After receiving the decision of the committee, more than a year after the complaint was lodged, ActionSA believes that the finding that Malema’s remarks were “open to different interpretations” lacks any rational basis.

This followings remarks made by Malema at a EFF press conference on 14 January 2021 in which Malema said:

“So let the borders be open and if the gates are not going to be open for SADC, fellow SADC people please find a creative way this is your home, your families are here. There is no ways anyone is going to close you out here. Lesotho and Free State are one thing, Mpumalanga and Swazi land are one thing, North-West and Botswana are one thing, Limpopo and Zimbabwe are one thing. What is the point, there is no point at all…”

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