10 Best Ways to Make Money Online ☑️ in South Africa Right Now (2022)

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Making money online in South Africa with tried, tested, and trusted ways.  Online Blogging, Forex Trading, Easy Surveys, Music Reviews, Online Marking, and watching or making YouTube videos in 2022 can make money online in South Africa.


💻 Online Activity 🔎 Activity Snippet
☑️ Online Surveys Survey Complition
🖥️ Web Search Conduct online searches
📈 Market Trading Currency Trading (Forex)
📌 Online Reviews Review Websites and Apps
💰 ‘Get Paid To’ Webpages Complete offers/activities
📊 Affiliate Marketing Promotional
⚙️ Click Work Business advertising and tasks
🎵 Music Review Review New Music
🤝 Buy/Sell Domain Names Buy/Sell Premium Domain Names


Make Money Online in South Africa – 18 Key Point Quick Overview


  1. ☑️ How to Make Money Online – Top 10 Tried, Tested and, Trusted Ways
  2. ☑️ Online Surveys
  3. ☑️ Search The Web
  4. ☑️ Online Market Trading
  5. ☑️ Review Websites and Apps
  6. ☑️ ‘Get paid to’ Websites
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Click Work
  9. Review Music
  10. Buy and Sell Domain Names
  11. YouTube Videos – Make/Watch
  12. Blogging
  13. Build an eCommerce Website
  14. Advantages of Making Money Online
  15. Making Money Online – Pros and Cons
  16. Conclusion
  17. Frequently Asked Questions


Making Money Online in South Africa


How to Make Money Online – Top 10 Tried, Tested and, Trusted Ways


n the chaotic and costly world that we live in, people are constantly looking for new ways to make an additional income. The year 2020 saw a substantial movement towards promoting conventional walk-in businesses to an online platform which in turn led to an increased audience online.

With a strong internet connection and reliable laptop or cell phone, South African nationals can create an additional income stream online.

Below is a list of ways that money can be made online in 2022.


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Online Surveys


Conducting online surveys is not a path to getting rich but it is a way to make an extra income online for those who have free time. Online Surveys that offer people the chance to make extra money are often offered by companies who want consumer feedback to improve on products and services.

By pulling more people in, they have a cheap and effortless way to gather copious amounts of data. To make online money this way involves finding an online survey provider, registering with them, and waiting for the online survey sites to inform you when they have a survey.


💻 Online Survey 🔎 Quick View
🥇 Paid ViewPont Assignments Paid through PayPal
🥈 LifePoints Sweepstakes, Free Points, User-friendly
🥉 Toluna South Africa Free to Join, min. pay out R100 ZAR
Panel Station Google Play App
PrizeRebel Free Registration, Cash/Gift Cards
GlobalTest Market Free Registration, Cash Payout
TGM Panel PayPal Payment
SurveySavvy Earn through referrals, paid via Cheque
Cinchbucks Paid in Cash, Gift Certificates or Bitcoin
eResearch Global Focus group discussion, Questionnaires, Product Testing


Search The Web


This is one of the easiest methods available to make extra cash online without unneeded effort. Selected websites draw in people who are especially active on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay.

The website Qmee.com for example offers cash rewards for installing a simple add-on to the users’ browser and when conducting a search, Qmee.com will bring up a few sponsored results alongside the normal search.


Qmee Landing Page


Online Market Trading


This is not an effortless way to make additional money, but it has the potential for great returns. Trading in currencies and other financial instruments is a profitable exercise but it is one that takes time, patience, dedication, and self-discipline. It is a completely new skill that must be learned and honed to perfection, and even then, there are no guarantees.

Forex trading has become a popular activity in recent times as anyone can start, and you do not need vast amounts of capital to get started.


Top 3 Brokers with ZAR Accounts


🔎 Forex Broker 💰 ZAR Min. Deposit 🚀 Open an Account
🥇 Blackstone Futures R1000 ZAR 👉 Click Here
🥈 Exness R160 ZAR 👉 Click Here
🥉 FXCM R760 ZAR 👉 Click Here


Review Websites and Apps


There are various websites and companies that are constantly looking for people to test out their websites and mobile apps. One such website is UserTesting.com which pays ordinary people to review a wide variety of websites.

All it requires is registration on the site and the completion of a test review to get started.


🔎 Company 💰 Amount Paid
🥇 TryMyUI $10 USD / R160 ZAR
🥈 UserFeel $10 USD / R160 ZAR
🥉 Userlytics $5 – $90 USD / R5 – R1400 ZAR
User Testing $10 USD / R160 ZAR
Validately $100 USD /R1600


‘Get Paid To’ Websites


This initiative is like making money from online surveys. There are numerous GPT (Get Paid To) websites that offer cash rewards and vouchers for completing a variety of offers or activities online.

Each option depends on the individual and it can be done without much effort. Options that are offered can include new consumer studies, entertainment surveys, mobile device studies, technology studies, and more.


How to Make Money 2


Affiliate Marketing


For those who already have a reputable presence on social media or those who have either a blog or an existing website, affiliate marketing may be an option for additional income as it involves the promotion of companies, products, services, and numerous other offers online.

All you need to do is sign up as a publisher on a website such as Awin network, evaluate the offers that they have or browse their merchant listing to find something that others may be interested in, obtain the affiliate link, and share it.

Should someone buy using that link, you will make a commission. Another great idea to take it one step further is to create either a website or a Facebook page and to invite people to join it and post the affiliate offers where they can easily be accessed and viewed.


Make Money Online Blog


Click Work


This concept stems from internet crowdsourcing which involves businesses advertising specific, scalable tasks that must be completed quickly. There is a wide variety of tasks available from companies that offer this, but they mostly involve either data entry, web research, or the completion of forms.

In doing this, you are rewarded in cash for the work that you do with the benefit that you can choose the work you take on and when you want to work.  One such example is Clickworker.com


How to Make Money - Click Work


Review Music


Those who love music can easily convert it into a way to make money. There are numerous companies and websites such as Playlist Push and HitPredictor, that offer people the chance to review music.

However, it may take some time to build up a reputation as a reviewer but once you reach a certain level of credibility, it can be a rewarding side-hustle.


Make Money Online Rate Music


Buy and Sell Domain Names


A domain name is merely a website address and there are many extensions such as .com, .net, and so on. They do not cost a substantial amount to register with websites such as GoDaddy.com, however, premium domain names can make money when they are sold.

The trick involved is to find domain names that are available, and which have some commercial value and to then sell these on relevant websites such as Sedo.com.


How to Make Money - Buy Domains


YouTube Videos – Make/Watch


YouTube is one of the platforms that has seen a substantial influx of users, not only for those who are watching but also for those making their own videos.

You can either make how-to videos, a video log, or ‘Vlog’, promote affiliate links, sell products, obtain sponsorship from a brand, and even become a YouTube Partner and earn from advertisements.

If it sounds too tedious to make videos and post them online, watching them for a profit may be more suitable. Two of the most popular websites that pay people to watch videos include Swagbucks and InboxPounds.

Websites such as these pay people to watch adverts amidst other videos with the aim for videos to obtain more views and hopefully start a trend and go viral.

For more hands-on and rewarding opportunities, you can even branch out as a freelancer and type movie subtitles or start writing film reviews.


How to Make Money Online - YouTube




People often start blogs with the purpose of expressing their views or using them as a creative outlet. There are, however, numerous people who turn their blogs into a business in order to make money online.  The first step is to choose a broad topic such as finance, health, relationships, or others, then aim for the best quality and create it to be the best possible source for that topic.

Next, focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and how to rank the site in search engines, and lastly, build a network with popular bloggers as well as other influencers to promote your blog ideas.

Most Succesful Blog Niches include:


💻 Digital Marketing SEO, email campaign, social media and influencer marketing
❤️ Health and Fitness Exercise and Nutrition
💰 Finance and Investing Financial Advise
🍓 Recipes and Food Online Cooking Classes and Recipes
☑️ Self-Care Wellness Coach or Counselling


Build an eCommerce Website


In the past year, eCommerce sites have become extremely popular and if you already have products that you can promote and sell, you are already one step ahead. By using platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce, you can easily create an eCommerce site to sell your products or services.


How to make Money - eCommerce

Advantages of Making Money Online


No Formal Education Needed.


More often than not, you will not need any form of formal education in order to participate in profitable online activities.  Options such as Surveys and Reviews will not require the applicant to reveal their level of education.


Work Location-Independently.


With Laptops and Smartphones at our fingertips at any time and at any place, there is no need for a traditional office setup.  You will be able to work online at any location.


No Set Working Hours.


Alongside location choice, you can choose the best time that suits you.  This will lead to a high level of productivity and flexibility.


Advantages of Making Money Online


Making Money Online – Pros and Cons


✔️ Pros ❌ Cons
Flexibility Isolated Work Enviroment
Effortless Possible Scams
No Investment Needed
Safe Payment Structure




Overall, Making money online in South Africa with tried, tested, and trusted ways is indeed possible.  Options include Online Blogging, Forex Trading, Easy Surveys, Music Reviews, Online Marking, and watching or making YouTube videos.



Frequently Asked Questions



Can I Make Money Online in South Africa?


Yes. You can make money online in South Africa through multiple profitable options



How much money can I make Online in South Africa?


How much money you make online will be dependent on the option chosen.



Are there Disadvantages to Making Money Online in South Africa?


Yes. The main disadvantage of making money online in South Africa is the possibility of Scam Offers.


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